Friday, June 23, 2017

What is "healthy"

If you are only counting macros, are you healthy? If you only eat clean does that mean you are getting the type of nutrients you need? Do you think your performance and your food quality can have both a positive and negative impact on each other ? I love questions that make you think and ponder over the things you are doing in your life. Eating for fueling your training is a mindset I want to shift in everyone I talk to. Yes your performance might just be your life, but it's important to view it that way!
So many times I have clients who come to me with a photo of an Instagram account and it's of a model that has everything right going on. Unfortunately, the backstory is not told often enough. Do you know how that person got there? Do you understand that maybe it was months of restricted food intake, training for hours a day, lighting, posing and PHOTOSHOP? Instead of worry about the other people, learn to embrace what you have right now, and choose the long route to get healthy first.
Let's start off with this, if you come to me and your diet is all full of artificial and processed foods, and you want to "diet" and lose weight, my first response is this, change your nutrition. Are you serious enough to take that step? Are you committed to change your behavior and habits? If you can't adhere to one week of eating right, then why do you think that dieting is going to change things ? You need to first be eating quality foods. Foods that are not in a box. Foods that are not packaged, Foods that bring longevity!
First step, eat real food, yes it's that simple. If you eat 80% real foods you are already on the right path ! Eating healthy foods is imperative for you to have the proper fuel and recovery for your training and overall life longevity. Why are you pumping your body full of chemicals ? Why would you want to treat your body like a garbage can? Treat your body with respect and it will treat you right long term.
OH let's talk body goals! So you want a six pack or lean legs but I am telling you that first is cleaning up your diet. That really is step one. Step two, lift some weight. Yes lean muscle mass is important for you to have the foundation so when you lose fat you have muscle left over. If you focus on performance, the body will follow !
But tracking is hard, eating clean is boring, and I simply don't have time. ok those are excuses and sure you can use them but NOTHING will change. You have to have an honest conversation with yourself. How bad do you really want it? Is this really something you can commit to and work on? If the answer is yes, then doing the above mentioned is not a huge deal. However if you had to think about it maybe you really didn't convince yourself yet.
Take a second to think about your life. How do you want to spend it? Do you want to enjoy life, feel energetic and have the ability to move your body ? Or do you want to keep looking at the photo-shopped pictures and "wish" you can look like it too. All you need is some time to commit to yourself !

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