Monday, June 19, 2017

Tracking progress means more than the number on the scale !

Tracking your gains and losses ! What is the best way to track progress? What should you be doing in order to accurately track and measure your progress? For my clients, I go over these things often with them especially when they start with me on day one of training or macro coaching. There are a few things you can be doing in order to track your progress and see how you are doing when weight loss or muscle gain is a factor.

Starting with the easiest one, weigh yourself as a tool for evidence based data. Many people get caught up in the number they see on the scale and that can be a huge impact on your mood/attitude for the whole day. If you have a hard time weighing yourself daily, doing it 3-4 times is also ok as long as you take an average for that week. When looking at your weight, you should only be concerned about the overall trend, up or down in weight fluctuations. If your average weight is trending down and weight loss is your goal, this is a good thing! If your weight is moving up, looking at your macros and other factors that play into your body composition can be considered.

Second step, take progress photos. It might sound silly but you won't notice significant changes by looking in the mirror. You see yourself every single day so the changes are happening right in front of you and you don't see it. However, photos taken over the course of month increments can definitely show you the changes you are making. Take the photos under the same conditions each time you do them. Take them with the same outfit and around the same time of day to give you the most accurate results you can see.

Last but not least is taking your measurements. If you use a measuring tape and see inches being lost but the scale isn't moving, this is also a sign of forward success and progression. Your body composition is far more important than the scale number. Make sure that you are taping yourself in the same areas such as around the smallest part of your waist, your largest part of your waist and you thigh if that is another point of concern for you.

The scale is not the only nor the best way to make changes to your body composition. Try out all three methods and start seeing the changes you want !

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