Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Oh no I ran out of.....

Finishing up Macros at the end of the day seems to one of the struggles for some of my clients.
Here are some helpful hints:

1. Program in all food you plan to eat the day before ... if possible. It makes life SO much easier if you plan out your day. You then know what you are going to eat, how much and if your macros fit by the end of the night !

2. If you can't program the day before, put food in before you eat it and monitor where you are throughout the day. This does take time and some practice. I have a helpful sheet that gives you a list of all the foods that are broken down into macros to make it visually easier for you to see.

3. Always put dinner in before you eat to make sure you haven't gone over or if you could add a little more to dinner to make meeting numbers easier. The same goes for dessert, if you know you want something track it first then you know it fits in.

4. Figure out foods that are just Protein, just Carbs, and Just Fat and keep those in the house for the final snack of the night to get numbers on point. There are so many foods that are combination macros, peanut butter being one of them. When looking at your macros for the day, if you only have one macro left, you need to know which will fulfill that requirement.

5. Reach out to me at the end of the day if you need help. I have been doing this awhile and may be able to easily solve the problem. I have been helping clients with nutrition and macros for a long time. This is an easy task for me to give you ides for your nightcap !
Happy Counting!

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