Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I want to get "fit" but what does that mean?

What would you think of if I told you I wanted to get fit? Most of the time you are going to think that person wants to lose weight ( primarily) and then possibly "tone" up (build muscle). As far as fitness goals are concerned, the two most common goals are:
Goal #1: Lose Fat
Goal #2: Gain Muscle
No surprise there right! However, the method you chose to get to those goals are very different. I am always interested in seeing the way people try to go about this. It seems to me that most people’s concept of “getting fit” is primarily centered around weight loss. Weight loss would mean that you are chasing a number on the scale. This is why many people get discouraged when the scale doesn't move and then they quit before they even start.
When changing your body composition, you really want to dig deep into your reason and method of how you are going to get there. You often hear me talk about reverse dieting. This is so we can actually build your food intake UP and increase your food so that we have a great starting point for fat loss. However, many people are very antsy about increasing food in fear of weight gain. Let's put this into perspective. If you are already not eating a lot and your body composition is not where you want it, then how do you expect it to change? Step #1 repair your metabolism and reverse diet!
Next you should think about performance and getting stronger during this time. No better way to build muscle than to utilize the food you will be eating for muscle !! Yes muscle will create that "shape" you are looking for. If you don't have a foundation of muscle when you lose weight what will you have left over when you are trying to shed body fat? If you lose weight first without adding muscle, then that’s all you’ll do: lose weight without having any muscle underneath to show so you won’t really be changing your physique other than being a smaller version of the same shape you were before the weight loss.
Once your body is now in a better place for losing weight, we then can start to create a deficit. A deficit is lowering your caloric intake or adding in exercise or a combination of both! Once you start a deficit, your body composition will start to change. If you have a foundation of muscle all of that will start to shed through. When you diet, your body will lose fat and muscle which is why you should be first concerned with adding muscle.
To maximize your time, your expenses, your energy, your efforts and all other resources you are putting into changing your body composition, you need to focus on one or the other either gaining muscle or losing fat for a certain period of time in order to truly get great quality, long-term, measurable results.

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