Thursday, June 15, 2017

Getting a tad bit #raw and #real !

That darn scale. Ya I know, I preach this to my clients ALL the time, yet I get suckered into the same feelings. Whelp I am human too and the darn scale can play some mind games on you! What is hard to comprehend is that the number on the scale says NOTHING about your health on the inside and outside. I can be 20# less than I am right now with little muscle mass and eating a crappy diet. Is that healthy? Nope, not at all but guess what? I hit that darn number I was striving for and now I am still not happy.
Classic "Grass isn't greener on the other side" story. You want something, get it, then realize it was nothing more than just a perception of what you thought would make you happy. I have been going through this a lot lately. This "scale" thing, and I know better! Time to drop some honesty on you guys who actually read this, I have been struggling too! My weight has been creeping up on the scale over the past few years and just like all of you, feel uncomfortable!
Now before I can hear the eye rolls and the superficial comments about how "muscle weighs more than fat' I still feel the same way because of that number! I know you can all relate to me. Yes, muscle is more dense than fat so I will weigh a bit more, however, years of seeing my body composition change has been a huge eye opener.
I am a lifter, no doubt about it that I enjoy lifting heavy things. Mass moves mass. So if I want to become stronger, my weight will have to go up at some point to compensate for that. Ok cool, but I still want to have a "smaller scale number". You see how absurd that sounds? ok we are on the same page now. When I get caught up in this cycle, I ask myself the same thing I ask every one of my clients: If you didn't hit your goal number BUT you looked better, went down 2 clothes sizes and had more energy, would that number matter???
Ok really think. Think about this from a logical standpoint. So by not hitting my "goal:" number on the scale but I got all the things I thought I wanted, would I be happy ? And the answer is NO, I will still want to see that darn number.... haha yes I know you all agreed with me on that !
Here's the thing, the number shouldn't mean much to you other than your gravitational pull on Earth. You need to be confident right now in who you are. Sure can you make improvements? We all can, however we shouldn't be so concerned with being less in the world. It's time to focus and be more. Being comfortable in your own skin is essential to your happiness, and therefore will affect the types of people you attract. You want to give off the vibe that you love yourself, no matter what, because then other people will have no reason not to love you too.
Even if you achieve your goal to go down a dress size, you’ll always find something else that isn’t right. Being happy with yourself is a lifelong thing, not just a goal to meet and then forget about. So stop obsessing over every little detail (like the 5 pounds you still need to lose), and start living a healthy lifestyle instead. Insert powerlifting. Yes, I found a sport that #thickness is a good thing. My legs are strong. My body can withstand a lot of weight. I am able to show myself how to mentally grind through training and not give up even when its hard. Oh and guess what? My body is strong, healthy and powerful! I now embrace the curves I built. I love the legs I have that make me able to do things I thought I couldn't. Most of all, I feel confident.
Life is complicated, and there’s always something to worry about. Freaking out over your weight isn’t going to make life any easier. Do something to change it if that’s what you want, but don’t obsess. You can have the body you want, but let yourself off the hook with the number on the scale, and you’ll be a lot happier and healthier in the long run. You are beautiful! Embrace it !

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