Monday, June 26, 2017

Find your Positive vibes

Are you in a funk? I know the past few weeks there was moments where I let everything affect my mood. Here's the thing, you can either choose to stay in your funk or learn to get out of it. Do you know what got me out of my funk? I received a book from my Jason Phillips Fitness team who sent me it for my birthday. It's called The Five Minute Journal. It's a journal that allows you to start and end your day with positivity and self growth.

It asks you to dedicate at least the first 5 days of this book to journal each morning as soon as you get up. What I did was create a rule that I wasn't allowed to look at my social media until I wrote in my journal. So far, so good 
It's good starting my day with something I am greatful for and also the ability to reflect on the day as I write in it at night time. It has opened a a door into my emotions that I really needed to tap into. I have also tried some other things to help me get out of the funk.

One of them is to actually allow myself to feel feelings. Yes sounds corny but in reality I was pushing emotions aside. Things that I didn't want to think about i was keeping inside and it was slowly breaking me down. If you don't allow yourself to feel, you are masking the issues that are present around you. Give yourself a moment to feel happy, sad, lonely, excited, greatful etc. One of the biggest things that helped is to disconnect from social media. Take some time to just sit in silence with your thoughts. You might find out what is truly bothering you!

Lately my life felt unpredictable. With my job as a trainer, it ebbs and flows. Some months are great and others I struggle to find my self worth. So I find a goal to accomplish. This month I started a new certification. This way I am focused on what I need to get done. I am accomplishing something for myself and I am working towards a bigger goal. It always feels better when the task is competed 

Last but not least is to take some time and breathe. Life is overwhelming but you do not need to put yourself in a position to overreact. Fight that urge of stress by meditating or adding in deep breathing during your day. Maybe you can go for a long walk. Unwind and de-stress!

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