Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fat loss mistakes you might be making!

Fat loss mistakes 
Did you know most people attempting to lose fat will use diet and exercise strategies that make it impossible to preserve muscle.
I want you to keep something in mind, more muscle is more calories burned  Yes, you need muscle to burn more and one of the mistakes people make is doing things that are counterproductive to that! If you make the mistake of dropping a lot of body weight ( fat AND muscle) you will weigh less on the scale but look the same if not worse. Kind of the "skinny fat" issue that is common with many females.The number one priority when trying to lose fat should be keeping muscle.

Ok so here's the deal, lifting will not make you big and bulky. You should be lifting heavy and it's a great thing to have a lot of beautiful muscle that shapes your body. If you reduce the amount of weight you're lifting, the body will "assume" that you don't require as much strength and that it's okay to lower your muscle mass. Why? Because muscle uses a ton of calories every day and the body will see it as expendable.You cannot get a muscle more cut. You can only make it bigger or smaller. To get more "cut" you need to get rid of the fat while keeping the muscle large and full. Do everything in your power to at least maintain your strength when dieting down, and this will not happen if you stop lifting heavy to focus on doing more pump work.

Cardio, if you decide to add cardio to your fat loss regimen, you have two options and both are at opposite ends of the spectrum: low-intensity like walking, or high-intensity like sprints and HIIT. Low-intensity cardio will not be intense enough to stimulate much cortisol release. In fact it might actually lower cortisol levels by having a relaxing effect. High-intensity work, on the other hand, might lead to a lot of cortisol being produced, but the duration of the activity isn't usually long enough to lead to a large elevation.Choose wisely on how you want to manage your stress and cortisol levels.

You should be tailoring your training to your goals. Don't get fight against yourself to try to get ahead. Slow and steady is the pace you need to have.

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