Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Failing a diet doesn't mean you failed forever! Try a better approach !

Have you tried dieting?

How about multiple diets?

If you answered yes to either than you are part of the common issues that I see on the daily.Diets do not make sense as a means to getting healthy. They’re temporary and good health should never be temporary.The hardest part about getting healthy is understanding that “healthy” is not a state; it’s a lifestyle. Lasting positive physical changes only come with the realization that what we put into our bodies on a daily basis is every bit as important as being active.

Here is my favorite analogy: Your body is sports car. The gas that goes into an expensive sports car is premium. WHY? So it runs better and more efficiently. If your body is a sports car, why are you loading it up with diesel fuel and expecting it to run properly? If you are loading your body with processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and foreign chemicals, do you really need to wonder why your body isn't changing for the better?

Even if you are to downgrade a little for regular gasoline in a high end sports car, you might work pretty efficiently but you will still have hiccups that set you back. Your body is the same way. Sure you can feed it pretty good most days of the week, but those weekend benders of fried-fast food plus alcohol is not making you perform or look better. Same concept goes for the foods you just "can't" give up, like your bread, grains and dairy. Maybe those things are causing you inflammation and gut stress ! You are slowing yourself down!

What you put into your mouth matters. Stick to foods with high nutritional value: grass fed lean cuts of meat that are free of antibiotics, organic fruits and veggies plus some nuts and seeds. If you start thinking of your body as a performance machine, making the switch to higher quality will be easy.

A healthy lifestyle doesn't mean deprive yourself, all it means is treat your body with respect. Nutrition is quiet simple, you choose foods in the most untouched form and enjoy the benefits of it. Don't worry about reading food labels because the healthy foods are made without them. Keep it simple when you plan a meal:
Pick a protein sources
Pick a green leafy veggie
Pick a complex carbohydrate ( potato, fruit, rice etc)
Pick a healthy fat ( oils, nut butters, seeds, avocado)
If you start to think of eating healthy as a lifestyle, it is no longer a diet!

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