Thursday, June 8, 2017

Are you addicted ?

What is the #1 diet issue holding you back? Are you addicted to sugar? Are you consuming too much processed foods? Maybe you are not even eating enough food overall. Well maybe the truth is that you are consuming too much gluten and or wheat products.
What is gluten? Well gluten is a product that is found in breads, pastas and anything that has the ingredient “wheat”. Start checking those labels!!! Yes, this includes 100% Whole Grain bread too. Even though only 1.8% of the population has celiac disease, gluten sensitivity affects millions.
Exposure to Gluten Proteins From Wheat Can Cause:
● Inflammation
● Headaches
● Joint Pain
● Digestive Issues
Sound familiar? Do you have any of these issues? I do for sure, especially when it comes to bloating and gas. You know that bubble gut feeling you get? Well it happens to the best of us and there are reasons why !Look on the box on any processed food item, sauce, dressing, marinade or other foods. the ingredient wheat or wheat flour is found in almost everything! It’s extremely cheap to produce and has a long shelf life.
Gluten affects your mood. Feeling a bit angry? Irritated? Maybe just foggy? It can be the gluten in your foods.Gluten has multiple effects on the body. When gluten is in the gut, in acts as an anti-nutrient, preventing the proper absorption of other nutrients and minerals such as magnesium, zinc and B12.
Gluten can prevent the raw materials from getting into our system that we need to function optimally! Not to mention, this stuff is addictive.
Sugars and grains can act on our neurotransmitter function. Specifically, sugar consumption has been linked to a boost in dopamine levels. Our digestive tract is designed to be a closed-loop system.In other words, the things that we put in there are supposed to stay in there! Except, when we consume gluten, the “seal” of the gut is split apart. When this happens, toxins and undigested food particles are able to sneak into the bloodstream. This causes inflammation, bloating and can make you fatigued.
So now that gluten is out what can you have?
Easy Switches to Gluten-Free Foods
● Instead of spaghetti and meatballs, opt for the gluten-free brown rice noodles
● Instead of bread and butter, eat an organic potato with butter
● Instead of a bagel with cream cheese, try some full-fat organic yogurt
Not sure if you have a gluten issue? Take it out for 30 days, then at the end of 30 days re-introduce yourself to foods one at a time. Did you notice a reaction? Did your body feel good or bad once you started back with gluten? This helps you understand your fatigue and gut sensitivity issues !

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