Friday, May 12, 2017

Your mindset is your biggest power or weakness

Your mindset is your power. You can use it for good or it can defeat you in a heartbeat. Mindset should be considered the intangible factor that can strongly determine your competitive success or failure in any aspect of your life. The reality you perceive is always the end product of your mindset. Everyone can take the situations they have in life and look at them in completely different ways. You might have someone that sees the positive in every situation whereas you might have the other person that finds the tiny flaw.
I do know that with every person I meet there are qualities of having a great mental outlook that you should try to possess. I know that I struggle with a few of these and I am working on taking the steps to correct them.
#1- Vulnerability
Vulnerable people realize they learn more from times of failure than success. For me, this realization is non-existent. I don't like the feeling of failing nor do I like to feel like I am falling a apart. In order to be vulnerable, you need to have an open mindset to new things. You cannot fear failing and finding your weak areas only makes you a better person. Exposing your vulnerability will ensure you never get overconfident or hubristic, and it will always remind you of where you came from and how hard you had to work to get where you are.
#2- Humility
Stay hungry. Stay so hungry to improve that you crave more. A humble person is one who is quietly confident in his or her mindset, yet is always realistic in assessing his or her strengths and weaknesses. A humble person does not under- or overestimate abilities. Motivation starts to become from inside yourself instead of from outside affirmation. You start to satisfy your own desire to want to become bigger and better as an individual. It's what keeps you going when things in life get tough.
#3- Realism
Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. You need to understand that you should focus on the good things in life but also have a realistic mindset. Positive realism is about trying to make the best of a bad situation or challenge, but tempering that with realistic assessment and action based on your circumstances. Learn your limitations but also learn how to deal with circumstance that are not ideal.
One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is about persistence. No one will go out there and do if for you. You need to step up to the plate and go after it yourself.

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