Friday, May 19, 2017

Why should you do competitions !

Competitions are FUN ! So what if your not an elite athlete, you can go out there and do your best and enjoy the rush of competing against other people. There is a lot to be gained from doing competitions that so many people miss out on. Your fitness goals are for you but you can also use competitions to gain a little more perspective about yourself.
First off, competitions help you learn more. It keeps you hungry to work on your skills and develop higher level ones. You really find where your strengths and weaknesses are when you do a competition. You can't cherry pick on the floor at an event. In the gym, you can be your own worst enemy, conveniently declaring today a rest day when your least favorite movements pop up such as Karen- 150 wall balls for time... No thanks, I’m good!. But you and I both know they’re weaknesses for a reason. When you commit to a competition, you’ll find you’re much more driven to tackle those faults. Because honestly, what’s more terrifying than the thought of stepping onto the floor in front of a roaring crowd and not being able to do the skill for the WOD? Or you can wing it like me and learn it on the fly in the middle of the worktout :)
Accountability is key and what better way then to have a deadline for your training. We all know the easy part of training is training. It's all the OTHER stuff that is difficult. Nutrition, hydration, recovery and sleep, all of these things often take a backseat to the demands or temptations of daily life. And you know that you can’t out-train a bad diet. Yet often, that doesn’t seem to make it any easier to turn down dessert or that extra glass of wine. But if you know that those things affect your 6 am training session, you might be more likely to go to bed earlier or even turn down foods that might slow you down.
WOD's are super fun but competitions are a whole different animal. Experiencing competition, a true leave-it-all-on-the-floor situation, can open your eyes to the importance and benefit of your daily training and its goal of building you up, not breaking you down. Which in turn will lead you to improved fitness overall. Sometimes when you "think" you are pushing at your hardest level you might not be when you are in the gym. Competitions bring out the next level of your very being !
Guess what happens on competition floors? PR's ! It's totally true. You get this rush of adrenaline that pumps through your body and you start doing things that you never can before. I hit some huge Pr's in competitions that I don't know where they came from. Being faced with a competition WOD which may seem all but impossible, and then tackling it head-on and finding you can indeed do something you never thought you could leaves you feeling proud and empowered . And it will plant you solidly into the mindset that limits are meant to be surpassed and PRs are made to be broken.
At the end of the day, competitions are all fun and games. You learn a lot about yourself, your mind and your body. You train because you love it and now you have a reason to get up early and train for something. If you have a local competition think about doing one as a team. I love events that you can do with a group of people that also really enjoy the process of training and learning !

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