Thursday, May 4, 2017

To train at home or get a gym membership

Garage gyms seem like the best thing you can have at your finger tips. I have to say that having mine is beautiful for those busy days that I need to fit it in when I can. However, know the struggle that also comes along with having a garage gym. Distractions are everywhere !!! Finding the motivation to also get yourself pumped up and ready to train can be hard too.
Having a home gym is convenient, but you don't want it to turn into a wasted space that isn't used either. Just like going to the gym, you need to create a space that you love and want to go into. I have a few great tips on how to make your home gym the gym that you want to use daily!
-Is it what YOU want? That is the first and best question to ask yourself. Do you really want to invest in a home gym? Personally, spending the money to get the equipment was a no brainier, simply because I wanted it. I knew that having it at home took major stress off my shoulders to be able to train whenever. Conversely, that is also the issue, I can train whenever :) The upside of having a home gym is that it's yours. You don't have to share stuff, you can super-set EVERYTHING and it's your personal space to just "be". One thing I love about my gym at home is that I made it into what I wanted. I got things I knew I would use, I didn't buy excess and I wanted a place that I can do anything or any type of workout. It makes me happy to train at home !
-Are you distracted easily? Having a home gym means that you have your home distracting you. Do you separate your home from the gym in your garage or are you constantly thinking of the other side when you are training? Being able to just turn off those distractions has helped a lot with getting my mind right for training. Leave the distractions at the door because it's time for you to put in the work !
-Oh that cell phone. Put it down and leave it be. Rather than using your phone to play music, have another IPOD set up for just your workout time. The alerts are super distracting and when they go off on your phone are all too distracting. So is checking out IG when your working out ( guilty). Don't get caught with this bad habit. Put the phone down and allow yourself some time to just decompress !
I hope these tips are helpful and keep you focused and digging deep while enjoying working out in the comfort of your own home! IF you need help on what to get in your home gym or if you want to see what I got and from where, comment below and I would love to show you!

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