Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Simple steps for weight loss !

When it comes to fat loss or weight loss, so many questions are asked to me. I enjoy answering them yet so many people are confused on what is right and what is a myth told to you to buy "product" for a quick fix. It's totally not your fault, however I want to spend some time on talking about a few of them.

#1 How many meals should you eat a day ?
- This is one of those questions that requires me to start probing a little bit. First off, what is your lifestyle like? Do you have time to eat 6 meals a day? Does your schedule allow it? Next, do you enjoy eating smaller meals throughout the day or does that cause you to "graze" all day ending up in making unhealthy choices for food because it's something that you crave? Truth is this, if you have 1500 calories to eat today and you want to make 3 big meals, do that. If you want to make them into bite sized meals, do that. At the end of the day, you still need to be getting in 1500 calories. I will tell you this, don't hoard your macros at night time all the time. Sure once in a while is ok but don't save them every night for cookies and ice cream.
If you feel more satisfied eating 6 meals per day vs. 3 and it helps you stay COMPLIANT to your diet (thus reducing calories), choose to eat 6 meals per day.If the opposite is true for you and you feel fuller and more satiated eating 3 larger meals per day which helps you stay compliant to your diet, do that. If you can't stick to it, this is where the disconnect happens. Whatever you can stick to, do that !

#2 I want to burn off ALL my fat, so I am going to do fasted cardio.
- Let's hold on there skippy. Looking at the big picture, you lose body fat when we’re in an energy deficit or when you expend more energy than we eat through diet and exercise. Not because you are doing it fasted or not. So in order for fasted cardio to be superior to fed cardio for overall fat loss, it must either:
1) create a larger total energy deficit (through higher calorie burn or greater appetite suppressant); or
2) enhance a greater calorie burn from fat rather than from muscle, thus creating a body recomposition effect.
Concentrate on keeping your diet on point and putting in maximal effort in your training !!

#3 Learn to read a nutrition label.
- I wish I can express this to you more, however this is such a broad topic. Your body wants and deserves a lot of healthy micro nutrients. You should be fueling your body with healthy, whole foods that come from the earth. Unfortunately, when you are searching for something healthy, marketing companies make it really hard for you to decipher. Instead of getting overwhlemed, try to keep the ingredient list to 5 or less plus if you can't pronounce it don't eat it. It really is that simple!

Learn to take care of your body. Treat it with respect and you will see that your mind/ body will thank you for it in the long run.

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