Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Protein gains !

Protein is essential for building/maintaining muscle. How much protein is really needed? Ff your diet is falling short on protein, you could be left feeling weak and flat with little muscle gains.
Are you tracking your food? Do you know how much protein you are consuming? Read these four signs that your diet is falling short on protein and I will give you tips on how to fix it!
-First off, are your "gains" not happening as quickly ? Are you having a hard time putting on muscle in the gym ?? This can be the first of a few signs that your protein is not high enough. See your body loves when you feed it, especially foods that will help increase your performance. When you are working out, training creates micro tears in your muscle. You repair when you are at rest and protein has essential amino acids that help your body recover.
** Pro tip: Consume a protein shake at night before bed to help repair and rebuild your muscle while you sleep. Not all protein powders are made the same. I use a for all my supplements.
-Skinny fat. Well that is a topic in itself but really an issue when you are looking to build muscle and create "shape". Please don't think that running for hours on end will give you the curves you want. Actually it can be doing the opposite. Feed your muscle with protein but the real question is: How much ? A good rule of thumb is 1 gram per pound of body weight. So if you are 150 pounds, you should consume about 150grams of protein. Now your macros can differ if you have different goals that are specific. If you need help with macro coaching or training programs, contact me today for a free assessment call.
- Are you paying attention to your body composition? Do you know how your body responds to certain foods? If you are noticing a decrease in your body composition, you might be in need of more protein in your diet. A high-protein diet can result in two to three times quicker weight loss versus diets that are high in carbohydrates and of the same caloric value. Protein helps increase lean muscle mass, which can have a direct effect on your metabolism. High-protein foods also have a thermic effect. Protein takes more energy to burn off versus other foods.
** Pro tip: Try to break your protein up into 4-5 oz per meal. That way you are not over consuming large amounts of protein at night time to catch up.
-Are you hungry between meals ? Well eating protein can fix that problem. Protein keeps you feeling full. Did you ever wonder why your feel hungry for more after eating something that is empty carbs like a bag of chips? There was nothing sustaining about that. Try to add in some protein when you feel hungry instead of reaching for a candy bar.
Nutrition can be difficult at first, let me help you get started ! I do custom macro coaching for your specific goals. Even if you want to lose a few pounds, we can work on it together!

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