Thursday, May 25, 2017

Nutrition is your own personal journey!

Nutrition is a journey. It's not about what your current diet is, it's not about what you weigh, it's not even about being perfect on hitting your macros. It' is a special journey that you are one to make your life better. It's a time to learn about yourself and start to grow into the new confident person you always knew you were.

Honestly, your journey with nutrition is creating a vulnerable place in your life to be open and honest with yourself. It's a time to really put in the effort to come face to face with some issues that you have in your past regarding food and the effects it might have on your daily life. Do you have a good relationship with food? I work hard to build a personal relationship with all of my clients, and when i get clients that came to me, it was very easy to make a personal investment in you and your journey.

One of my goals is to undo the issues you might have from your past relationship with food. If you suffered from an eating issue whether that is under eating or over eating you need to start the journey back to your health. I can help you regain your life by simply taking control of what you eat. Nutrition is not about tracking and stressing out, it's about being using a holistic approach to eating.

Fixing your mentality can be the switch that you need to take control of everything around you. If you are looking for that change, contact me today and we can work on getting your nutrition and health under control.

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