Monday, May 1, 2017

Mindset, that is your power!

Create a mindset that will conquer anything. Do you ever wonder why it seems like some people just have that "thing" about them that drives them further? In a world where emotions are getting "softer" you need to learn to toughen it up a bit. Why should you just settle for what is in front of you? Why not create a mindset that can impact others and take you further on the path to your goals.
Here are some tips for you to create mental toughness in your life.
#1 Break your goal down into smaller parts. If you are faced with a task that seems nearly impossible or so far away, many people stop before they start. Instead of doing this try to break your goal into smaller manageable tasks. This is where being clear on your goals with a timeline can help you move forward without being overwhelmed with the big picture.
#2 A winning mindset. You need to believe you won before you even start. Visualization of you already standing there with a medal, award or even new promotion can make a huge difference with your attitude. Practice the art of vivid thinking. Visualize the small details to get there. Then start to replay that over and over again until you believe yourself.
#3 Learn to be a thermostat and not a thermometer. Sometimes tension gets high and you might over react on certain things. Instead of being a hot head, learn to think before you speak. Sometimes not saying anything and allowing yourself to process the information can keep you from saying something based off emotions instead of thinking in practical terms.
#4 Be proud of the smaller victories along the way. I am even guilty of this. I forget how far I have already come and I don't always appreciate the journey that I took to get there. Take a second to look back. For me that is putting old progress photos side by side and then I get a good representation of the journey I have already been on.
#5 Find your tribe ! yes, those people that feed your soul is what you need in your life. Support and love surrounding you as you support those in your life is key for your success. No on can do it alone. You need a team of people who are willing to be there for you as a friend and for guidance throughout your life.
The takeaway, do things you love. Surround yourself with people who care. Most of all, enjoy your own journey and be proud of your success !

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