Monday, May 8, 2017

Its personal

It gets personal, when you are deciding on hiring a trainer or a coach to help you reach your goals. I know this first hand because even I have a coach for my nutrition. The key is knowing that you want to have the "best" which is someone who has the knowledge and credentials to back up their certification(s). It's an investment in your health and wellness. Along with a personal relationship that you develop because you do see this person or at least communicate with that person a few days out of the week.
A good trainer teaches you proper form, keeps you accountable, and makes sure you’re working your butt off during your hour. A good online coach will check in on you most days of the week, provide feedback via e-mail videosm and will help guide you to the right resources. However, not all trainers are uphold this criteria and if yours is uttering any of this advice, it may be time to end the relationship.
First off, what works for one doesn't mean it will work for all. Some clients are very similar in training styles and abilities but not every client requires the same training program. A good program will be specific to you and what your goals are. If your program is not being detailed to your needs, this is a good time to ask questions to your trainer regarding this concern.
Spot reduction is a myth. If you have fat in a specific place that you want to get ride of (back of arms, legs, belly..) there is not an exercise program that will just get rid of that. You can’t dictate where on your body you’d like to lose fat, nor can you predict from which areas of your body you’ll lose fat first or by how much. Strength training, coupled with a solid nutrition plan is the surest way to reduce fat overall not just in one spot.
Cardio is a TOOL not your workout. Cardio gets overdone when it comes to fat loss myths. Use it like it's your secret weapon against fat. You shouldn't be doing hours of cardio a week to lose weight, if this is the case, your diet needs work, Instead focus on HIIT ( high intensity interval training) and put in maximal effort when you are doing cardio. Not only does it take less time but you will save your muscles from breaking down from the constant beat down that cardio places on your body.
Start learning that what you eat affects your body composition. If you want to get leaner, you need to know what you are consuming and in what amounts. If you are not counting macros now, start with MyFitnessPal and track what you are currently eating. You will be surprised that you are consuming way less/more calories than you thought and your macros might be in the wrong direction to help with fat loss. If you’re eating more calories than you’re expending through consistent training and active lifestyle, don’t count on seeing those love handles disappear anytime soon.
Know your goal, then get specific on that. I see too many people with "general" goals that have no meaning. Sure you want to lose weight, maybe you even want to hit a new PR but if you don't have your goals clearly identified how will you reach them? A pet peeve of mine is when there is a trainer who dead lifts a 1RM with a client that has no want nor reason to be doing that for their goal. Of course being strong is super important but your program should reflect that as well.
This is my favorite: If you eat carbs before bed, it converts to fat! WOW. Let's just put this out there, there is no food that will immediately convert to fat if you eat it ! Your body doesn't know what time it is and it surly won't convert your food to fat when the clock strikes 8 pm.It all depends on what you’re eating and what your goals are. Of course eating a full meal before bed isn't the best idea and that's because you won't be able to sleep very well not because your turning into a fat consuming machine.
I hope these helped you with the common things I hear. There are so many more but i wanted to share a few that I found interesting or at least relevant to the general population of people. If you have questions, feel free to message me !

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