Wednesday, May 10, 2017

But it "says" it's healthy !?

What are "healthy" foods that aren't so healthy ?
I think that the growth of the media on "healthy" foods is turning our society into believing anything they see. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. When you start to think of the "healthy" foods on the market, you become bombarded with these fad diets that proclaims that some things are ok on one diet but not on another. I don't blame you for being confused at all.
The first one I want to talk about are organic foods. Just because there is a label slapped on there saying it's organic doesn't mean it's healthier for you. I want you to think of organic sodas, candy, and other tasty treats that say organic. Nope, sorry they are still processed "organic" foods that are not that good for you. "Organic" has precisely zero to do with the amount of calories or macros a food contains, so in that sense, you're better off pretending the word doesn't exist. Are some organic foods better than others? Of course if you are talking about fruits and veggies.
Next are protein bars. They are convenient but they are also horrible for your digestive system. Those bars are filled with artificial sugars and protein fillers that are a huge contributor to gas and bloating. Don't get me wrong, some of them taste really good but at what expense? Diarrhea and abdominal pain for the rest of the day. Take a good look at the sugar alcohols and the fiber content on those bars. Both of those can cause major belly problems if consumed at high amounts. Instead, stick with lean meats, veggies and healthy carbohydrates.
I am adulting my healthy cereal. Well sorry to say but no. You know that kiddie breakfast cereals are just love handles in a box, but "healthy" adult cereals are often just as bad, and sometimes even worse.Cereal makers are marketing their breakfast candy to people who want to be healthier, but also don't know much about nutrition and are too busy to read the back of the box closely. So these people will probably eat a meal-sized bowl of that granola cereal, about 800 calories before adding milk.What about the cereals with added protein? Well, it's usually the cheap stuff: soy. Flip that box around and check the ingredient list closely. Eating the cereal that is just 'puffed' wheat or rice isn't that special but its better than loading your body up with artificial sugars and fake food !
I hope you can use some of this information the next time you want to incorporate the "healthy" things into your diet. Start to read past the crap they put on the box and learn how to read a nutrition label.

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