Friday, May 5, 2017

Build your foundation!

How do you build the best foundation? You need to have consistency and structure. You need to find your constant variable. I make sure to maintain a routine each and every day. I enjoy structure and I like when i can plan my life out. Hello type A personality. I am a creature of habit and having that set timeline helps me prepare and plan my life out. Yes that 5 minutes I am late to the gym does make me anxious and it usually throws me off for the day.
I used to make the mistake of not blocking out time for me. Life as a personal trainer sometimes gets a bit crazy, even now when I am going through a nutrition program and prepping for a show, life gets a little hectic. My job requires me to have the availability of my clients which isn't always the most convenient life schedule. Think early morning, open afternoons and later nights. I love my job so it makes it easy to work around it but the hard part is me having to turn clients down because I also need time for me too.
The better question is how do I balance it all? Well aside from waking up at 3 am everyday to train at 4, my life has structure. I make sure that I take care of me first. Yes, it might be selfish but if I am not the best version of me, then i can't be the best for my clients. You might ask why this is so important that I have consistency. Well below are the reasons why having a schedule and structure are important for you and your goals
-It's a habit. No matter what day of the week it is, I wake up at the same time. It's habit and I love that part of my day. I never wake up saying "Man I just don't want to train", if I do, please slap me and make sure that I am not having a breakdown LOL!
Once you create that habit, you crave that time for yourself!
-Less stress throughout my day. If my training gets pushed to later, my stress level grows. I worry when I will fit it in and then that is all that is on my mind. So to derail this issue, I go to the gym super early to get my weight training in at least. If I have to do cardio it's ok because I can make that up at home.
-Consistency yields success. if you have a goal, you need a timeline to make sure you can accomplish it. For me, having a schedule that I am ready to tackle every day is important for my success as a Figure athlete. I crave the training and the time for me to get better. I also make sure I have the time I need for research, programming and my nutrition program. There are a lot of things that need to happen to make sure that my day is packed with the things I value for my future.
Don't just guess around in life. Make a plan and attack it. Your life and your goals are important for you to maintain structure and balance !

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