Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Are you making an excuse for your LIFE ?

If it's important you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse.
I am sure that you heard this before. "No excuses" has been a mantra in my life since I was little. It has always helped me stay focused and eager to keep perusing my goals. Plus it helped me stay super consistent in all aspects of my life. However, the most common issue I do see is the fact that excuses are so readily used in life that they become the norm.
Do you find yourself making an excuse for your behaviors often? Maybe you are trying to keep yourself accountable with healthy eating or even working out but always seem to start and find an excuse as to why you stopped. "It's too hard", "I don't have enough time", "I'm too tired/stressed/out of shape etc to keep up with it", the list can go on and on. I want you to take a second and be honest with yourself. Do you really want to change? How important is it to you? What actions are leading you to not accomplish this goal?
Sure, when you are in a routine it becomes habit, but getting into the routine to change your behaviors is where things get tricky. Every bit of effort counts and truly adds up to big-time results. There are so many easy steps you can take to ditch your excuses and get to work. Let me help navigate you through some of the common issues I see.
#1- Pack your gym bag the night before. So many times the easiest thing is to be prepared early. In the morning, if you already know that you need to hit the gym either before or after work, you are ready. Also, have a spare gym outfit in your car. You never know when you might need an extra outfit anyways !
#2- Life is not in black and white so your approach to fitness and nutrition shouldn't be either. Don't wait until Monday to start your new fitness program, start today. And don't think that one meal that you might have went off course ruined your whole day. Just get back on track the following meal. Being so rigid with your efforts sometimes can work against you. You don't have rules to healthy behaviors and no one said that training days start on a Monday. You have the ability to control your behaviors starting right now.
#3- Plan your meals ahead of time. Sure does it require some extra preparation on ONE day of the week? Yes, and it's a great habit to get into. I use Sunday to plan and prep my meals for the week. I make all staple items like chicken, turkey, grilled veggies, and any other sides I want for the week. This way I have everything I need already made and ready. All it takes is for me to portion it out each day.
#4- Did you know some of the best people I have met came from the gym? Yes your social life on the outside might be adapted to gym time with your friends hitting up the next spin class. So what if you don't go to happy hour, there is a better "bar" you are at ! Make friends with people who support you and want to help you stay motivated. Besides, you do have a rest day or two that you can see friends or maybe go on a fun outdoor activity together !
#5- I don't have time. Well ask yourself this: Is it a priority to you? Sometimes the "time" excuse gets old. You do have time, you are just not using your time wisely. Working out doesn't have to take hours out of your day, you just need to make room for 45 minutes. Utilize HIIT cardio or circuit training to get in a killer workout and a short amount of time.
Excuse Killer workout !
Perform one set of each exercise back-to-back for 30 seconds. Once you’ve completed one full round of the sweaty circuit below, rest briefly (one minute max), and then repeat the circuit for another three to five rounds (or as many as you can squeeze in for 15 minutes).
Jump Squats
Push-Ups With Side-Plank Rotation (alternating sides throughout)
Tabletop Hip Thrusters
Plank Jacks
Side-to-Side Squats (squat to right, back to middle, squat to left, repeat)
Side Forearm Plank With Dip (15 seconds each side)
Your welcome :)

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