Thursday, April 27, 2017

The crossover effect !

Would you look at that.... there is cross over between CrossFit and bodybuilding. This makes me so happy that people are starting to see this !
For some absurd reason, there was this conflict with body building ( globo gyms) and CrossFit boxes. If you are a "bro" and did isolation work, the CrossFit community would just wonder why you would want to do bicep curls as part of your workout? It's not very functional so why did it matter ?
I am lucky enough to be the oddball and do both. I trained int both fitness domains and really gave each one a good shot so I couldn't have a biased opinion. Sure I do love globo gyms but guess what? The rush of 3,2,1, GO is also pulling at me in more ways than one. Whether you drank the CrossFit Kool-aid or you are an avid bodybuilder, I want to start to put this "choose one or the other " attitude to rest !
I have the perfect example as why bodybuilding should be a part of your training along with CrossFit and visa versa. I did bodybuilding for a solid year. I got strong yes, I looked aesthetically pleasing, and I did a show. Not to mention I also added in cardio ( like 45 minutes daily steady on a machine- not treadmill or outside running, I just didn't care for it). to stay lean. Did this work? Yes. Was I an athlete and moving well? No.
I remember the first time I walked into a CrossFit box and had to squat with weight. Me thinking I was "strong" got humbled real fast when I realized how FAR down I had to go. Like what? I had to squat below parallel .... uhhh never did I do that in bodybuilding because I was always doing squats with the intentions to "build" a specific muscle, not to get strong. That was shock number 1. Then trying to move your body as a unit? Yea, that was a fun day. Learning how to use hip drive for cleans and snatches ( which is still a work in progress) was an ego blow. So me feeling "strong" in the weight room didn't transfer over very well to being a "power" athlete.
I then did CrossFit for about 9 months. I wanted to really give it a good shot. I found out what I wasn't good at. Like handstand push-ups, muscle ups, ring dips, and even pullups ! It was more of a moment where I found out how much work I really needed and how non-functional I really was. Learning and working on things I never thought I could do, surly I did get better. I also competed a few times in competitions just to see if I can stack up to any other athletes. Then that one day came and boom, did something to my shoulder. Whelp, that took me out for a bit and I started to re-evaluate my training.
I went back to the weight room because I knew that without being able to use my shoulder, I still needed to do something. Along with working on rehabbing the issues, I found out that I did have strength loss in things I used to be really good at. Such as overhead pressing. Lateral raises and lat pulldowns. I was weaker. But how can this be? I was PR'ing at the CrossFit box on my lifts but now I couldn't do #5 lateral raises ? I was more shocked and confused than anything.
Oh ok so this is leading me to the question of : Do the two worlds combine? Yes, and they totally should, If you want to "look" like an athlete and train like one too, add in some isolation work to the mix. There are three different types of strength that you need to be successful.
-Concentric -explosive and contracting as much musculature as possible
-Eccentric- lowering portion of any movement.
-Isometric-holding a position: plank, l-sit, wall-sit etc.
What do you need ?? Bro stuff ! Hypertrophy is just a fancy word for muscle growth coupled with an increase in the size of muscle cells, normally found in the 12-15 rep ranges. High rep, low load work can help improve your overall muscle quality by increasing the muscle’s endurance, aid in your ability to recover, and helps to prevent injury.
So guess what? Add in a few isometric exercises to your training as your finisher. You will prevent yourself from getting injured, you will look better, and you will start to PR more on your lifts !
Go ahead, thank me later :)

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