Friday, April 21, 2017

Strong not skinny!

Do you know what I find to be the most rewarding part of my career? Helping women see that strong is beautiful and to be MORE in this world and stop thinking of wanting to be less.
With social media always referring women to lose weight, get smaller, look feminine, wear makeup but not too much, have curves but be skinny, no wonder we are all confused. Hindsight is this, you can be strong and confident in who you are no matter what! Long gone are the days where women only do cardio. Nope we lift, grunt, and play right on side of the boys.You need to learn to set that standard aside of "looking" a certain way and get after it in the gym. Chalked hands, messy hair and feeling like a boss !
Don't be that girl in the gym who does the following things. Just be real. Be you and don't try to fit into anything besides a smaller pair of jeans ! One thing i have to say is that makeup in the eyes when you sweat hurts! Go to the gym ready to sweat it out and take names. It's not a beauty show and really eye liner that drips down your face is not attractive.
Hair is the next on the order for the gym sesh. Pineapple it up! Here are a few reasons, #1 when you sweat it gets wet and sticks to you face, that's not too pretty looking. #2 if you are squatting, you want your hair away from the barbell in case you drop it. You don't want that tangled up in the process.
Gossip girls can stay home. You need to be surrounded with positive people. Sure it sounds cheesy but really you need to have good people around you in order to succeed. I can't begin to tell you how many times that I was in a community of people that the vibe wasn't right, guess what? If I wasn't feeling it, I didn't stay there long. Find a group of people who you mesh with well !
Selfies? Yes we are all guilty but provocative selfies take it to a new level! Don't be that person stretching trying to get attention, put your game face on and rock your workout !
Ok so since this a bit of a "what not to do" lets talk about the good stuff. Get into the gym and work. Really put your head down and grind it out super hard, that's the reason you are there anyways ! Keep it real and focus on your success !

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