Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Strong is the new skinny !

Getting stronger should be your goal. Yes, weight loss is always on the mind but getting stronger will help you lose weight !!! Losing weight usually goes like this: Cut calories, increase work load, and weight should go down... Well cutting calories is the WORST thing you can do and here is why!
Do you know what cutting calories does to you? First off, your metabolism does slow down overtime. This is not a good thing for long term fat loss. Second, cutting calories causes leptin levels to drop in your body. Your brain interprets this signaling as a threat to survival and communicates to your thyroid to reduce your overall metabolism (lower T3 hormone) and increase hunger. What happens when you are in a deficit is a nasty stage of "uncomfortable". You are hungry, tired, lose strength and can't do more because you are tired. So, the very thing you need to do, which is move more, you are too tired to do. Hmmmm sounds a bit concerning!
i wish I could tell people, especially women that cutting calories is the worst thing you can do. Instead learn how to fuel and feed your metabolism. The next part can be a little tricky. Food timing is just as important as what you eat. Your body responds to many things like hormones and training. If you are not fueling your body when you need to, you can be setting yourself up for failure. Diet alone doesn't have the impact you need to make significant changes but when you eat it can help you refuel and utilize that training session effectively.
Cardio, yup start to enjoy it because it is the one thing that can help you lose weight and keep it off. Aerobic work, especially interval training, will also improve recovery and fat burn. Why do people live in this extreme of I should start running 5 miles a day. Do you think that is healthy for your body if you are overweight? Don't you feel like your putting a lot of stress on your ligaments and bones? Instead think of forcing your body into all out bursts of energy and then resting until your heart rate comes down. It's way more effective as a strategy for you to accomplish.
Overall this is the take home: In order for fat loss to occur, your body needs to be in a healthy place to start. Why would you try to take more away if it's not working for fat loss at the moment? Fat loss is really you being consistent over time. Once you start that, we can move to a better place !
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