Thursday, April 20, 2017

Look good and perform good, yes it's possible !

Look good or perform good. Can you have both ? Do you want both? Which is more important to you? Do you feel that there is one that trumps the other ? I do. In society, people want to "look" a certain way and nothing else matters. I have always said that those who go to the gym are a little vain and that's ok. Everyone has a reason to be there but at the end of the day, if you ask someone why they workout the reason is ALWAYS the same.... To look good !
It's totally hard not to be influenced by what you see on Instagram, the TV and YouTube. Perfect people with nearly perfect bodies that are flaunted right in front of our faces. Hard not to feel like you don't stack up to them. I know that I have a hard time with deciding between each of these. On one hand I want to make sure that I perform at my optimal level, but I also want to look good doing it too.
Right now there are two major "fitness" categories that people are starting to fall into: Globo gym vs. CrossFit/Functional fitness. It's always fun to compare two of the best parts of fitness against each other. Globo gyms, think Gold's, 24 hour Fitness and even Planet Fitness are all across the world. They have machines, cardio equipment and free weights. Honestly any one can walk into a Globo gym and know how to do something, even if it's walking on the treadmill.
Now CrossFit, that's a beast on it's own. First off its normally called a "box" not a gym. Filled with many squat racks, pullup bars, oly bars and a few pieces of cardio that make you feel like your lungs are on fire. Pretty simple, big open areas with no machines and slightly intimidating if you are not used to that type of environment. Each have a great cross over from one to the next however the goals and view points of each are slightly different.
Bodybuilders vs. CrossFit or Aesthetics vs. Performance. You can look at the two of these and see that even though they have overlapping parts, they are not the same. Bodybuilding is an art. You can build muscle an you shape your body. Lifting a one rep max is not your biggest concern. Looking at a CrossFit perspective, you are using your body through different domains of fitness. You are learning to become proficient at all but body composition is not your main concern. Yes training hard and eating right will get you to a good body composition but it's not "what" you are training for.
At the end of the day, know your goals. Which would you rather? Look good, perform good or mix them up??
Comment your thoughts below. I am a mix of both !

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