Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Keys to an effective diet !

What is the key to an effective diet?
Those who are successful are those who are willing to change behaviors ! There is something about the word "diet" that freaks people out. Diet and deprivation usually seem to go hand and hand. What if I told you it didn't have to be that way? What if you can have a healthy eating program without being deprived of anything?
One thing that helps my clients understand how to be consistent is by having ownership over your food choices. Once you understand that YOU are in control of your eating habits, you are more likely to start connecting the dots between food choices, your performance, and your physique. Every nutritional program as the basic fundamental properties, here are a few of them for you to think about.
- Fat loss in the most simplest terms is this move more, eat less. However that is a little vague, many people really need to just watch portion sizes and get moving more throughout the day. Calories in vs. calories out is key to losing weight.
-Track your food daily. If you don't know how much of what you are eating, how do you know where you need to make changes ? If you are asking yourself why you are having a hard time with losing weight, why would not want to know what you are eating? Mainly it's because people start tracking and its a huge wake up call to the reality of their situation.
-Slow and steady really is key. If you see anything on the market for "fast fat loss" please run the other way. Weight loss should not be something you do fast. If you do it fast, you are more likely to rebound and gain weight once you come out of whatever "diet" you did. If you are consistent and change things slowly, fat loss overall is more likely to stay off !
-If you are not lifting, you might want to think about starting some form of resistance training. It helps to increase your metabolism and can increase muscle mass.
-Eat protein at each meal. Lean whole food sources and protein powder as a supplement can help you stay on track and increase your lean body mass.
-Do not fear carbohydrates or fats! A diet that is higher in carbohydrates will help you perform better in the gym. Fats help you lose fat. Consuming both carbohydrates and fats are imperative to your training to have the energy for it to be intense.
-At the end of the day, macros matter. Do not try to focus on calories alone. Making sure you are hitting the proper protein, carbs and fats in your daily diet can be the biggest switch in your weight loss journey. You should have a good understanding of what foods make up each macro nutrient so you have the knowledge to eat properly.
If you need help with any of the above information, please contact me today for a free nutritional/ training assessment. We can set up a call this week!

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