Thursday, April 6, 2017

I struggle with this to....

Emotional eating, we all do it, and sometimes we don't know how to fix this behavior. Why does it happen? We know what healthy foods are, we know what we should be eating but when it comes to linking an emotion to your food, somehow that connection gets lost on how to stop. A lot of times you find yourself sitting on the couch watching TV and aimlessly eating chips and ice cream. When you finally look up, you ate them all.
...why is it that we can’t “just say no”? Simple. It is because the struggle is real. Why is it so hard? Many times I work closely with clients who have a daily struggle with food. They are great during the day and once night time hits, cravings get out of control ! For whatever reason, sugar and cravings, binge eating and “behaviors” such as purging, restricting, and over-exercising are problems I see most often,especially in women.
Did you know 3 in 4 women struggle with some form of disordered eating or way of thinking when it comes to eating.That means 3 out of 4 of us, a whopping 75%, reading this article right now:
Overthink food
Worry and stress about food
Count calories or the number of macros we ate in a day in an unhealthy way
Occassionally binge or purge
Restrict or diet
Purge or exercise to “make up” for food
Closet eat or binge occasionally
Use food to cope with life to some degree
Or think about wanting to be free from thinking about food
To be honest, I think we all have a little bit of a distorted food relationship and I want to fix it !
Do you know when food and emotions began? It can be when you first saw a difference in body composition, maybe it was a reward for something good you did, or even as comfort ( for so many this is the case). Once you know when it started we can now start to develop a relationship to fix it.
You need to dig deeper within yourself to really figure out the emotional connection. You need to stop and think about the correlation you are having between food and your emotions. Start to log your feelings and thoughts after you eat. If you are having emotions attached you need to stop and think of what is really bothering you. If you are not sure why you struggle with food or why the food thoughts won’t go away, do some soul searching to identify your story.
If you need someone to help you work through your emotional eating, contact me today.We can work on behavior modifications that can help you understand yourself and your connection with food better.

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