Wednesday, April 26, 2017

HELP! I hit a plateau !

Metabolic adaptation: Spending a significant amount of time in a caloric deficit in which your body adapts to the lower calorie consumption and weight loss stalls. Your body then becomes good at functioning at that weight and you start to gain weight despite cutting calories.
Reading that statement, ask yourself these question: Is the current diet you are doing working? Are you hungry or did you lose your hunger cue? Has weight loss stopped and it seems like you are looking "puffy"?
What can you do to fix this? Reverse diet is the next step. What does this mean. Reverse dieting is increasing your calories slowly to help increase your metabolic rate while limiting fat and weight gain. The goal is to maximize your metabolic rate so that losing weight is easier and less stressful on the body.
I want to teach you!
- Anywhere from 1-6 months time period usually
- Counting macros
- Weighing and measuring your food ACCURATELY
- Using an iphone app to track intake
- Weight training, cardio and rest
WHO is this good for?
- Anyone who has ever reduced calories for an extended amount of time
- Anyone wanting to recover an eating disorder/psychological food issues
- Anyone with a slow metabolism
- Anyone stuck in a weightloss plateau
- Anyone who has ever yo-yo and/or crash dieted
- Anyone wanting to get fit/build muscle without gaining significant weight/body fat
- Anyone who does not want to feel guilty anymore for eating certain foods deemed “dirty,” “bad,” or “unclean”
- Bodybuilding competitors after strict contest prep
Learning how to gain control of your food intake, break the binge, loss, yo-yo diet cycle can seem overwhelming. I promise you that you will find it to be easier than you ever thought it can be. Really you just need to be open minded about the process and WANT to change your behaviors.
If you are ready to start learning, contact me today to set up a call. We can work on figuring out your goals, current situation and where to move forward. Education, knowledge and the power to learn is everything you need to be successful!

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