Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Gym time not play time

If you are like me, sometimes gym time turns into "play"time. I know that sounds bad but sometimes you just have a hard getting into training or maybe just distracted. And the worst part is going through the motions of training without really "feeling" it.
However, working in a gym, I think I see it all. People make the gym the home away from home and camp out there. One thing that puts a damper on training is when people want to talk to me while I am working out. I know that I should be friendly, but this is ME time. So if you are in the gym there are a few things to keep in mind when you are training. Sometimes you don't even realize you are doing these things either.
Training, nutrition, and science are always evolving. Helping others out is a great thing but make sure you are speaking on topics that you are familiar with and can provide sound advice. Be just as willing to learn from others as well as give out advice. I have learned so much from others but just listening to conversation of training and nutrition. I rarely offer advice unless someone asks me about it. I am always ready to talk to others but I also enjoy learning too.
Cell phones, can't live without it right? Well in the gym, listening to music is great, selfies, well not so great. Now I admit, I love the gym selfie, I mean if you didn't get a photo it didn't happen..lol! Even I get caught up in looking at social media when I am training and it does become distracting. I learned to put my music on and not answer emails or calls when training.
Do you even lift, bro? I think this statement is funny because sometimes you see someone go for a lift and you just stop to pray a bit that they make it. In my mind, I know that they shouldn't be lifting that weight however, they do and figure out it was too heavy. Don't make the mistake of overreaching your lifting. Make sure you are using full range of motion and connecting mindfully.
And the last tip is my favorite, the gym monopolizer. Yes, there is that one person that sets up camp at 3 or more stations and is running back and forth from each of them. It might be a little annoying yet funny to watch. As long as they are not hurting themselves or anyone around them, let them have at it!
The gym should be a community. I know I enjoy helping everyone I can by, talking training and nutrition. Treat the gym as if all the members are your roommates. We all pay rent, should be respectful to each other, and get along. A positive place breeds a community of positive people !

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