Friday, April 7, 2017

Fat loss, how easy is it ?

Fat loss, we all want it, but how do we get it? I believe we all know the answer to this question, however, many people struggle to figure out what needs to be done. In the simple context, increase exercise, decrease food intake by eliminating sugars and other unwanted calories, get rid of the fast food, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, focus on protein, and don’t forget about healthy fats.
Sounds simple enough? The key is self discipline and self awareness. You should feel in control of your life, actions and self to want to make this change! I can give you all the tools, but you need to put them into place. Effective fat loss is slow progression over time. Consistency is key when you are trying to lose fat and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
My first question is ALWAYS, what is your goal? If you don't know what your goal is how do you know where you want to move forward? If you want fat loss, performance must be on the backseat for the time being. To promote fat loss, calories are in a deficit. You also need to be realistic in your attempts on fat loss. Trying to lose fat quickly will create a yo-yo dieting effect. You want to make sure that you set small goals and have little victory parties for yourself when you accomplish them!
Training and nutrition are two elements to catapult you into a new healthy beginning. Yes diet OR training can have amazing effects but think about them as a pair? Remember that your training and food go hand and hand with what you should eat. If you are doing more performance based work, extra carbs can help you through tough training sessions. If strength training is the goal, more protein can be consumed. Use your training to enhance fat loss!
For fat loss to happen, you need to know what you are eating. I also instruct my clients on tracking food intake. If you become aware of what you eat and your habits around food, you will have more success throughout because you are now taking ownership of what you are consuming. Be aware of meal timing, when you are snacking and when you are most hungry. Do you eat for comfort? Are you hungry or just bored? Did you drink enough water? These things affect your body signals for food intake and cravings. Tracking food can seem hard at first but once you learn which foods have what in them, you have an easier time making the right choices !
The last point I want to make is that you are human. You will fail at some points. You will have moments of weakness. You don't have to feel like you are doing this all alone. Try to lean on others for help when you need it. Tell people about your new lifestyle so they are on your side when it comes to healthy food choices. You will learn so much about yourself if you commit to your program and really focus on the small steps needed to take each day !

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