Sunday, April 2, 2017

Day 2- Train your mind

In life, there are things we don't prefer to do such as cleaning the house, paying bill, or even taking care of ourselves, yet it needs to be done. Regardless of the situation, you will have to do it at some point, right? Well what if you chose to find the good in the situations that you "need" to do.

Sometimes all you really need are good vibes flowing your way. Energy is a powerful thing. If you can somehow render up the positive mindset for everything you need to do, it's no longer a feeling of "I have to" but more of "I want to".  Train your mind to see the good in everything!

A lot of my clients give up before they even start. They might feel that it's just too hard or maybe like they are not deserving enough of accomplishing their goal because they might have failed before. But what if they took a simple change in mindset and believed in themselves for a second. Do you think this can impact your mood? It might have the power to change your whole mindset around what you are doing.

I want you to think about all the things you thought you couldn't accomplish. Create a list and really think about it. Now find positive affirmations for each and every one of those things on how you are going to move forward. Sometimes you need a little kick start to get things done.

Remember this: A bored life is a stagnant life !

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