Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Why isn't it working?

It's just not working. Did you decide to commit to something? Did you make a decision that you felt would have a better outcome but is just falling short? We all do that in life. We believe the grass is greener on the other side ( sometimes it is) and we go for it without really thinking about the full situation. One decision people make, break, and retry is weight loss or going to the gym.
Why isn't your routine working? Why do you keep falling off the consistency that you start with? A number of things happen in your life that can influence your training or new nutritional program. Did you start off too soon? Did you give yourself the proper time to work into training? Are you eating according to your goals? Here is where you find yourself asking yourself this question: What am I doing wrong?
Been there and done that many times. Now the difference is that you have 2 options. You can sit back and be frustrated and mad or you can keep working at it. You need to remember that you have to commit to this lifestyle. It's nothing that should be looked at as short term. You didn't take 2 months to get here so why would it take 2 months to lose the weight? Your body is smart and you need to accept that this is a journey not a sprint. Once you change your mindset, you will have a lot more positive energy to push yourself forward.
I see setbacks and roadblocks all the time in the fitness world. A lot of times it's not your fault you just don't know how to get over that small hump. Sometimes admitting that you need help is an excellent first step. We don't know everything from the start. Heck, I keep learning as I go as well. It's ok to reach out to people who have long experience and knowledge in the field. Personally, I use a nutritionist for myself. I don't want to think for myself (because all day I am doing diets/ nutrition/ training) so I found someone I click with and we work together on my diet. Reaching out to others is very important to your goals.
Speaking of goals, do you have one? Motivation is put in the forefront when you KNOW you need to meet a deadline. If you are not into competing in anything, what if you set goals for yourself? Put yourself on Facebook, have someone accountable for your timeline or hire a trainer to help guide you. Make sure your goals are not counter productive for each other. You need to have goals that you can accomplish that are reasonable and time managed.
Last but not least, what worked for Sally might not work for you. Are there cases where the same program can work for 2 people,yes. However, if your goals are to build some nice shoulders and your friend is doing more performance / conditioning, you have 2 very different goals. The key to your success is training for what YOU want to accomplish. In this case find a program or hire a trainer to help you set up a plan.
Need help with training, nutrition or just need a friend to bounce ideas off of? Let me know !

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