Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What is your why? Why do you train?

Why do you train? It might be a no brainer but I want you to really think about it. Why do you train? Training for aesthetic purposes is important because let's face it, we all want to look good. However, you want to be able to move and perform just as well. It's important to be able to move your body and perform well just as much as you want to build size and get stronger. What is the point of lifting a lot of weight or "looking" like you lift if you can't actually do it?
It's funny because as a bodybuilder myself, so many people claim we are all show and no go. Truth is, we are strong and we can still move. Sure, we are not at our peak 1 RM nor can we do endurance runs unless we train for them but we are definitely not weak. There are a lot of people who put on size but lose functionality. The goal of gaining size is to also stay strong, stay agile, stay fast, stay flexible, and maintain mobility.
How do you develop a strong foundation? Compound movements will help you do that. Your big lower body movements will be squats, lunges, deadlifts and some olympic lifts. Then for upper body, press, rows, pullups and bench. Yes each will have some accessory movements to go along with them but this is the foundation.
Along with strength you want to be fast and agile. Your program should include plenty of jumping and sprinting. Learn to treat your body with unilateral movements to decrease muscle imbalances so that you can function better as a whole. And then the king of everything is mobility. Take time to stretch and recover properly. The better recovered you are, the harder you can train on a day-to-day basis, which makes the program effective. Use massages and the foam roller to keep your body aligned and working properly. Use ice baths to deal with soreness. There will be a lot of soreness and you want to deal with it by any means necessary. The key to prevent injury is to be one step ahead of the game.
The final piece of advice is to sleep well and eat more. You need to eat to grow. You can do all the work you want in the gym, but if you don’t eat properly, you won’t be able to handle the training volume and you won’t put on any size. You must be as dedicated to diet as you are your training. Nutrition may be more than 50% of the process here. Everyone wants to be big and strong, everyone wants to put on muscle, everyone wants to eat the food - but they don't want to do the work.Be responsible with your training direction and diet. Be realistic with what you're willing to commit.
Have questions about training or diet ? Make sure you reach out to me and we can talk about your training and making sure your diet is appropriate for your goals!

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