Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wellness Wednesday !

Wellness Wednesday tips !
Before you change your caloric intake, consider the following:
Create your meal structure BEFORE your next day of eating.
-When I work with clients on nutrition, the first thing I ask them to do is document their food intake for at least 3 days of normal eating. Once I see a normal eating trend then I create macros to fit the goals of each individual client. Once the macros are prescribed, I ask them to create the next day of meals for me to review. Why do I do this? I want to make sure you are meeting your goals and are ready for the next day. If you plan ahead of the game, you now don't have to stress tomorrow and you know what you are going to eat.
* Eating healthy and consistent meals WILL lead to changes, be patient!
Being hungry is normal when you are dieting.
-You shouldn't be starving but you will be hungry. I won't lie or try to sugar coat it, being in a deficit is hard work because your body will give you hunger cues and you just need to ignore it. However, the problem happens when you are so hungry and you overeat.
This happens for two main reasons. The first one is that of you go too long without food you will be ravenous and all you care about is finding food. The second reason is more emotional. As we feel hunger, it triggers us to eat right away and get rid of that feeling because we see it as a bad thing.
Plateaus are part of the journey.
-Believe it or not, a plateau is actually a great thing; it means you are maintaining. Of course, a plateau that goes on too long can be discouraging, and will eventually lead to gaining some weight back. But, if we use it as an opportunity to start dialing in on your training and nutrition!
Key points:
-Track your food
-Be consistent
-Create a meal structure
-Find a program that works
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