Friday, March 24, 2017

Sugar is a deadly addiction!

Sugar might be holding you back. The food industry does a good job of adding sugar to things that you commonly eat. If your goal is weight loss, making sure that you are watching your sugar intake is important. Sure, you probably went through your cabinets and threw out the obvious things like cakes, candy and sweets but what about some of the other "healthy" foods that have a ton of extra sugar, carbs and calories in?
If you didn't know already, the food industry sneaks sugar into many products. When you are eating processed foods, salt, sugar and fats are the most commonly added things to make it taste good so you crave more. Not to mention that this is increasing the obesity epidemic around the world.
Don't be fooled with common catch phrases either. Unless you are super diligent with your diet, reading every food label and keeping almost all of your foods as whole as possible, you might want to check the "extras" in this list !
-Granola, yes its amazing and tastes great but did you check out the sugar and carbohydrates in it? Granola has a healthy outer appearance because it’s usually made with whole oats, nuts, seeds, which are known as good-for-you ingredients. However, it doesn’t live up to the “healthy” title because it’s usually also loaded with added sugar and artificial ingredients. If you want granola think of it as a snack or treat.
-Fruit juice is so great for you but it also has a lot of sugar in it. Natural sugar is good for you but make sure you are not drinking many cups a day.
-Lean cuisines and other pre-packaged foods seems like a quick and convenient way to get in a meal but make sure you are really looking at the ingredient list. When you see packaged foods that market their low-fat content, you can pretty much guarantee they’re high in sugar. Many manufacturers will add in sugar to make it taste better to you when they take out things to deem it low fat or low calorie. Don't be fooled by low fat labels, think a step further and know that low fat and sugar are linked together!
-Condiments and salad dressings can get you in a calorie overload if your not careful. Dozens of other condiments contain high quantities of hidden sugars and a higher fat content. Try to opt for my favorite, mustard !
-Alcohol. well you knew this was coming. If you didn't already know, alcohol has carbs and sugar in it. Plus it is an empty calorie drink. The calories in alcohol come from sugar. Although liquors like gin, rum, whiskey and vodka, wine, and beer don’t contain any added sugars, these pure alcohols can contain anywhere from 1-13g of sugar per serving. And don't forget all the mixed add ins that bump up that sugar content in higher. To say the least, the sugar and calories in alcoholic beverages add up fast. To make matters worse, alcohol interferes with fat digestion. What that means is, alcohol can prevent fat loss.
If you want to increase your lean muscle mass and increase your health, try to watch your sugar consumption. Increase your whole foods like lean meats, veggies, fruits and healthy carbohydrates like potatoes to keep your body lean and optimally running !

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