Monday, March 13, 2017

Motivation at it's finest !

Motivation, its something that is a developed skill. You don't just have it or not, you need to train it like you train your body. Let me be the first to say that working out is hard to do. It causes "pain" yet at the end of it you feel empowered and ready to take on the world. Believe me, i know the power of a training session and what it does for my mindset and mood. Motivation is more than just "doing it" its about getting yourself in the right mindset first. There are 3 important factors that you need to have met to be great at motivation which are as follows:
Autonomy: you have some amount of control.
Competence: you feel like you’re good at what you do.
Relatedness: you’re part of a community and feel a sense of connection with others.
How can you learn to develop these skills? In looking at this list, motivation is all about how you develop the skill set needed to be confident and in charge of a situation. So let's talk on how we can get there.
You are in control of your situation. You have the ability to say yes I will make it happen or no it's not that important to me. In making decisions about your life, you are the one that can press snooze for the 8th time or you can choose to get up and go. You can't have an all or nothing approach to life, fitness, nutrition, or your goals. Flexibility is key. So what if you ate a meal that wasn't the best choice, make a better choice the next time. If you missed a day of working out, so what, make sure you hit it hard tomorrow. That is where the most issues occur. When people feel they need to stop all together because they failed one time. Don't let a set back stop you from being the best you !
Competence is a tough task to handle as a beginner because no one wants to feel as if they can't do something. Here is my best advice, learn from someone who can teach you! If you want to learn how to eat right, train in the gym or even just learn how to become a better athlete, learn from someone who knows what they are doing. Hire a coach, find someone you look up to and really learn from them. Learn that you can do something before you choose to just give up in the beginning. Learn the basics and find someone you click with to make it happen !
We all want to be a part of a community. Being a part of something larger than ourselves is important for a feeling for motivation to happen. If you are the type of person who wants and needs that external motivation, going to a CrossFit gym or doing group fitness classes might be the best option for you. However, if you workout alone you need to create that motivation for yourself. The best advice is to create an action plan on what you need to do.
We all need focus and help sometimes Reach out when you need it. I am always here for you for support and help. Contact me today with any questions you might have !

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