Thursday, March 9, 2017

Learn how to program your training split !

When you are thinking about starting a fitness program, what program should you be doing? My first question that I ask clients or people who want advice on training, is how many days (realistic) will you be at the gym training?
Knowing how many days you are going to be at the gym is key to setting up a training program. If you are planning on going to the gym 4 or more days of weight training, going into body part splits is your best option. If you can only make it to the gym 2-3 days, doing full body is something I would suggest to you. Today that is the topic I want to talk about.
What is a full body routine? In theory, every key muscle group is hit every single session. This may sound time consuming, but each muscle group is hit using only 1-2 exercises per session. This allows the session to be completed in about 60-90 minutes, and ensures that each individual muscle group is recovered in time for your next session.Full-body training helps accelerate the results of our training due to the following reasons.

-Since you are hitting your training with a full body workout, you are going to burn more calories overall. There is a massive demand placed on the muscle tissue of the body, which increases the energy used during the session, but also the calories needed to recover from a given session.
-If your program is done right, you can make your training session double up as your cardio as well. By partnering your upper and lower body exercises together, you can increase your ability to train harder and increase your metabolic rate.
-Your training frequency can be as little as 2 and up to 4 days a week of training. The more times you can train with the proper recovery, it helps to your training volume which in turn causes an increase in muscle growth.
-Recovery time is just as important as your training. If you are not recovering properly, you are burning the candle at both ends, so to speak. Your muscles grow OUT of the gym not in it. The increase in recovery time will help to increase your performance. The harder you can train, the more output and faster the results.
Full-body training can be a fantastic way to change body composition and develop strength. Everyone can benefit from full body training especially if you are short on time or just need to change it up!

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