Friday, March 31, 2017

I weigh what ?

How much do you weigh? Oh you know down to the decimal what your weight is and that is problem number one! Let me ask you this, what does that number even represent to you ? Do you care that much about a number ? Why are you choosing to want to be "less" of you in life, why not choose to be more? Be more healthy, more fit, more YOU!
In today’s image obsessed world, it’s too easy to beat ourselves up over how we look and how much we weigh. I admit I’ve had this struggle myself, weighing myself in the morning, being frustrated from the start of the day and letting that number affect me. I did learn that my body changes, my weight changes depending on my goals and I am 100% ok with that. It took me a while to fully understand that my body is strong, powerful and overall ready to conquer anything I throw at it.
From the beginning of my fitness journey, I went from wanting to be "skinny" to wanting to be strong. Funny thing is that your body changes as your mental aspect changes. Did you know what the biggest hurdle was? Connecting the dots that food is fuel and that in order to be strong you need to have body fat and size on you. It's true, mass moves mass. So if you want to lift more, have more muscle and overall decrease body fat, you should have a period of time where you weigh more and build muscle, then you can cut to get if off for a short amount of time.
So many people equate the scale, the number and your self worth together. That is the biggest problem I have with clients. Everyone wants to be lighter, less of themselves and smaller. But they also want to be "lean", "cut", "defined. Well what do you think that is? MUSCLE. And muscle needs food.Eating less and doing more puts you at a risk for losing muscle. This is usually the result of becoming weaker, having less power and being slower.
I want you to hear this, so pay close attention. The average woman is made up of about:
35% muscle
28% fat
37% bone, organs, fluid and other stuff
When you weigh yourself, your weighing ALL of that, not just picking or choosing if your weighing fat or muscle.Using your weight is outdated when it comes to measurements of whether your body is changing and if you are healthy. As a society, we need to start approaching exercise, diet and body changes differently and take the emphasis off of what we weigh and instead put the focus on getting fit.
So, what does 144 look like?
What does 125 look like?
What does 185 look like?
Do you actually know? And does it even matter?

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