Friday, March 3, 2017

Dieting isn't necessary for fat loss.

DIEt... haha the first few letters spell die but in reality, do you know what a "diet" is? In our society, dieting is very broken. Broken in a way that everyone you talk to wants to be on a diet. WHY? Dieting sucks!
Dieting is when you are on a prolonged caloric deficit. This deficit is for a specific outcome or result that is SHORT term. Most likely those that diet are doing it for a competition or show prep for bodybuilding or something of that sort. However, dieting is short term, for a specific number of weeks and then you reverse diet into a higher caloric intake to build muscle.
For some reason more people are dieting and I am very unsure of why? There is a huge educational disconnect that I want to teach so that you understand the true meaning. I really think people should focus on eating more and stop worrying about dieting!
When I talk with clients, the first thing I want to know is your goal. Do you know what you want? For many I hear " I want to have abs" others say, " I want to lift heavy and compete". Let me ask you this, are you sleeping well? Are you performing well? Is your body adapting to your nutrition? No? Well great, let's work on that first.

More is not more, believe me I know this. Regardless of your goals, you likely have deficiencies in your nutritional approach that need to address. Guess what is most commonly happening when I talk with people? Under-eating is very common! How do you fix losing weight if you are under eating? Eat more. Yes you will gain weight initially. You need to have a healthy metabolism in order to decrease your calories to lose weight.

Weight loss is not a goal. Do you know why? Dehydrate yourself today and get on the scale tomorrow, BOOM you are now lighter but feel like garbage. Is that what you want? No. I need the specific goals! I need to know when do you want to lose weight by, how long are you committing to this goal. What are you willing to give up and change to reach it? Are you able to increase your training to meet this goal? These are real goals they are measurable and have a deadline!

Oh yea, next is the common case of doing too much too soon, Sure you want to reach your goal TODAY, yet you spent the last 5 years doing nothing. Do you really think that is the best decision to start going to the gym 5 days a week? Probably not. IF you thinking dieting is fast, your wrong. Dieting done the right way takes time and you should want it to take time. Yes you have goals,but we also want to keep our results PERMANENTLY and that doesn’t come from quick fixes. My goal is to help you learn and understand how your body is responding, and what is needed to move forward.

Oh it worked for her/him so it must work for you too. Nope, sorry to burst that bubble but are you them? No, so why do you think this would be the magic ticket for you? A real prescription involves A LOT of questions to start and should be built for YOU. If you are not sleeping well that affects your stress levels. If you have a demanding job, you might need more nutritional help than someone who has a job that has very little external stress. Your plan should be made for you!

If you want to learn about you and your body, let me know. Let's work together and move forward to create healthy and positive body/ mental changes !

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