Thursday, February 9, 2017

Your goals and vision say a lot about you!

Being athletic can teach you a lot about yourself. What you do with your fitness goals, has a lot to say about who you are as person. Your sport is more than just a hobby, it's part of you. What you do in training affects your life. If you have an awesome session, you tend to have a better feeling overall. When your training goes rouge, well sometimes you get feelings of discouragement and doubt.However, you do learn a lot about yourself. So let me dive into some things you can remember about training and life as one unit.
Persistence is your driving force. Are you engaged in your own training program? Or do you just show up and go through the motions? I have this conversation with many clients about "training intensity". So many clients are confused about what training intensity really means. Over time, being persistent with your training program will lead you in the right direction. Use your time in the gym to learn about yourself and really identify your strong and weak points.
Question everything. Yes, question your coaches, your mentors, even the people you look up too. Sure that might sound like you are being a little nit picky but guess what, those who take time to help you with your questions will lead you to be a thinker. Being able to do things on your own without someone barking commands and cues at you is where you want to be in your training (eventually). Be fully aware of the whole process so you can continue to progress by knowing exactly what works for you.
Define your purpose. Do you know why you are doing the exercises you are doing? Do you know the value? If you ask the right questions then you can have meaning to your workouts. I ask my clients all the time about the why behind wanting to change their lifestyle. A lot of times, weight loss is number one but in a close second is wanting to be around for their kids and grandchildren is a close second. What is your WHY? The more deeply rooted your purpose, the more invested you will be in your training. The more motivated you will be without the need for pushing and prodding. Which leads to consistent, super-meaningful training. This gets results.
And most of all be humble. Yes, there is someone better. There is someone stronger and you need to accept that. We all have strengths and weaknesses. What you need to value is the work you put in each day. Your effort is worth everything !
Respecting yourself comes from acting with honor and integrity in everything you do.

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