Monday, February 13, 2017

Morning workouts are possible if you train your body!

Morning workouts ! Yes if you know my schedule you know that I am up at 2:50 am every day (yes weekends too) and I am at the gym by 3:45 am ! Why do I train early. Ok well confession time, first off I LOVE an empty gym. I enjoy being able to workout when it's semi quiet and I can just lift. Second, being in prep right now, I need more time to train so the afternoons will start to fill up with cardio as I get closer to a show. Ehhh and not having to worry about training all day long is also a huge plus.
How did I teach my body to workout so early is another question I get. First off, i know my plan. I know that I am getting up so I go to bed early. Sure I might be "grandma" status on a Friday night but for me training right now is a priority. Second, I get up when I hear the alarm. Well that might seem obvious but I don't set a snooze because that just leads to procrastination. So as soon as I hear the alarm i am up and feet go on the floor. Once your up, it's smooth sailing from there on out.
Training early means training fasted most of the time. This means that I don't eat before training and I am working out with last nights carbs. So I do have a few tricks to help me get through my training sessions that i want to share.
Teaching your body to train fasted does take some getting used to. Your body uses a significant amount of the glycogen (stored carbs) in your liver to maintain energy levels during sleep. With glycogen already in short supply, your body has to start looking elsewhere for energy in the mornings. So your body starts to look for fats.Your body prefers stored fats over stored carbs mainly because of two "signaling" proteins called AMPK and MAPK. They send messages around your body to start activities on a cellular level. #science !
Next, I always use an intra workout when I train in the morning that has carbs in it! So yes, I am drinking carbs as I train for fuel for my workout. I use Ignition from 1st Phorm and here is why. Ignition contains highly refined forms of glucose, which is a monosaccharide that is essentially designed for glycogen replenishment. It will create the largest insulin response, 6X greater than table sugar. This spike in insulin is what helps drive amino acids from hydrolyzed whey into your muscles and replenishes your depleted glycogen stores.If you want to increase your results from training, a monosaccharide carb source is the most effective and efficient option to maximize your recovery! Personally I have been using Ignition for my morning training sessions and I have the best workouts because my body is fueled !
Last but not least, you need to have the focus to get your workout in. Yes the mornings are EARLY, so what! I tell myself it's just time. Whether its 4 am or 4 pm i would be tired. Before work my day is complete and I feel good. I train hard and I fuel my passion from other people that are there. Surprisingly there are a lot of people training at 4 am. It's good to know that i am not alone training and that I can use the energy from others to train hard !
If you really want to change your schedule it comes down to will power and commitment. Early training is not for everyone but sometimes it's what you need to do to get it in. Learn your body,do you train better in the morning or at night? Let me know in the comments how you feel about the time you train and if you would train at a different time!
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