Monday, February 20, 2017

Lifting vs. Cardio?? Which one should you do?

Strength training has far more benefits than you can imagine. If you have been considering it for a short amount of time and just need a little more convincing on why you should lift vs. cardio. This one is for you!

Strength training can improve your cognition. 2014 study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society had a group of individuals between 55-85 with mild cognitive impairment perform two strength training workouts per week for six months. The study showed there was an improvement in cognitive function was related to the strength gains.MRI scans revealed areas of the brain increased in size among participants.

Your chance of early death is also decreased. Think back to the primal years and you will see that movement was the foundation of survival. No wonder people lived a lot longer. You should increase your strength training so you too can live a longer life.

Along with getting stronger, your bones become stronger as well. Having a strong body is critical as you age. Strong bones mean you can prevent osteopenia, osteoporosis, and fractures. If you take the time to engage in resistance weight training, you are increasing your ability to move and stay active because you are taking care of your bones. Strong bones are important for long-term health. You’ll be less likely to experience fractures, which means you’ll have a lower chance of needing corrective surgery, and that means a lower chance of ending up in a nursing home or assisted living facility to recover.

Lifting makes you powerful. If there is one feeling I wish I can bottle up, its the feeling of weights in my hands and the bar on my back ( at different times of course). I want all women to feel the power they have to overcome anything. If you have ever done a hard workout, you know the feeling of accomplishment afterwards that you just can't help but be proud of. Don’t worry about burning calories, don’t focus on getting sore, don’t think about anything except doing a little better than last time.
Increase your quality of daily living. When you train you get strong. Now that strength also overflows into all areas of your life. When you become stronger, daily lifestyle tasks are now easy as well. The best part is that you are preventing yourself from becoming injured as well! It's a win win!

The best part of strength training is that anyone can do it. Weights will always be there for you. It’s a phenomenal tool for becoming the best version of yourself. I train people from 16-70+. They are all able to increase their quality of life and enjoy training !

So many people get caught up on the little things. Don’t think about anything you can’t do due to previous injuries or other limitations; focus only on what you can. Work with what you have, because that’s the only thing you can control. If you have been thinking about training or living a healthier lifestyle, please contact me and we can work on it together!

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