Friday, February 24, 2017

Keep it together when traveling !

Traveling is something that is always tricky. From flights, hotels and your schedule being disrupted, keeping normalcy is hard. However, there are some major things you can do in order to stay on track as much as you can while you are away from home.

-Pack your food for the plane. Nothing is worse than the little snacks they give you that leave you hungry and bloated. Pack foods that you can take on the plan. Keep it simple. Think of eating some protein bars, trail mix, or even homemade snacks that keep you somewhat on your schedule.

-Bring an empty water jug. Do not fill it or bring water because you will have to throw it away. Bring an empty water jug and fill it once you get through security. You should be drinking a lot of water when you fly to stay hydrated and reduce bloat.

-Wear sneaker because you never know when you will need to sprint across the terminal to catch your next flight. Travel comfy and ready for action.

-Find the hotel gym as soon as you get there or research where local gyms are. When traveling, some exercise is better than none and guess what, running is FREE $.99 !!! Just because you can't get in your normal 2 hour workout, find time for a good 30 minute HIIT session. Something is better than nothing!

-Turn of the electronics and download a white noise app to help you sleep at night. Sleeping in a new place is always hard to do but when you are traveling, sleep is needed especially if you crossed time zones.

Happy Travels!

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