Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How bad do you want it?

How bad do you want it ? This is a question that you really need to be asking yourself. If you are thinking about starting a fitness or nutritional program, having a great plan means nothing if you are not ready to act upon it.
Take a second and rank your commitment to your goal on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being, “I really don’t want to change anything I’m doing right now” and 10 being, “I NEED to do this and I will do anything to achieve it.”
What is your commitment level at this moment ? If you are answering anything besides a 10, you are putting the odds against your for achieving your goal. Think about it this way, you are saying to yourself that you don't think you are important enough to change a behavior. But what if you asked your significant other to rate their commitment level to you. If they say anything besides a 10 you are going to feel hurt.
So what do you do when your commitment is falling short?
Start by dissecting your goal. Try to be very specific. Set a timeline of when you want it accomplished. If you are already thinking its going to be too hard, are you really committed to finishing it ?? In other words, is it something you REALLY want? Will that goal keep you pushing on even when you’re going through a rough patch or times of uncertainty?
If you are thinking about it, then you might want to get back to the drawing board. Sticking to it when you aren’t fully committed would just be setting yourself up for disappointment. You want to be able to wake up each day with the mindset that you are ready to overcome and accomplish everything. I know many people who start a fitness journey and find themselves quitting 3 weeks in. Do you want to know why? Results weren't immediate because they didn't look at the time frame to accomplish it so they just gave up.
Knowing what you want is just part of the equation. Being able to follow through is the other. Making goals is part of long term success. I always have mini goals for clients when they work with me. Looking at the long term future goals is great but what keeps you going are the small successes along the way !
Keep your mindset in an always forward progression. Don't allow stagnation or fear hold you back from achieving what you truly want!

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