Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Do not apologize for being you!

Be you, be authentic and most of all love every piece of yourself. Why? Because you can. There is this stigma around that almost makes you feel like you are not good enough when stacked up to another person. I know that sometimes you feel that way, don't worry I do too. Especially, when in a male dominated field like the gym or lifting weights.
I think it is funny that even though I like to lift, grunt, sweat and curse when i train, I still get mad when I chip a nail. Yes I am allowed to get mad at that lol. I like to feel feminine and girly sometimes too and you know what, that is ok. I enjoy training, like a "bro", I get a kick out of lifting more than the guy next to me and most of all I care about how I smell. We all have two sides to our personalities and it's time that people start to see both ends!
I like to be the "different' one in the crowd, I enjoy the feeling of being challenged and overcoming things that people said I couldn't do. To be honest, i care a lot about what I look like, who I am affecting and those around me. I want to help inspire others but I know I will also fail in the process. It's ok for me to want to be a badass but a girly girl with pretty makeup and clothes. I am allowed to be all of that and more. So are you!
Do not conform to society. Do not try to fit in. Be the odd man out. Showcase your talents. Be brave and do things others say you can't do. Create your own path and your journey. No one can do if for you. You need to remain true to yourself and rise above any obstacle. I am a woman. I am powerful. I am strong. I am worthy. So are you!
Why not reject the idea of fitting a mold altogether? Why not give ourselves permission to be whoever the hell we want to be, whenever we choose? To be the people we know we’re truly meant to be, rather than the people we think we’re supposed to be? It means that no one else has the power to label you or stuff you into a box that doesn’t define you. It means that you get to decide what you’re qualified to do and say; you get to be as powerful as you want to be; you get to define yourself , you and you alone.
Be confident, be a badass, be girly and most of all be YOU!

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