Friday, February 17, 2017

Are you making the same mistakes ?

You might not even know you are doing it, but you might be making your workout less effective. Going to the gym is half the equation, working hard in the time you have in there is the final piece. When you are training don't make these easy mistakes that can hinder your workout or someone else's.

Forget looking cute in the gym, lifting makes ugly faces! Don't be so concerned at what you look like in the mirror and really be more concerned with your form and get focused in your training. My rule of thumb is to lift heavy, sweat a lot and always squeeze your glutes!

Selfies? Ok maybe once your done but not every 10 minutes or every set. I am guilty of having my phone out sometimes and its super distracting. I am checking my email, playing on Instagram and Facebook. None of which are getting me closer to my goals. So rule of thumb, put the phone down and grind!

Benches are not tables. I see this way too often in the gym where people are putting their belongings on the benches that people can use. Just use a bag or keep that stuff in your locker.

Headphones on, world off. If you want to workout without anyone bugging you, try this trick. A hat, headphones, and a RBF (resting bitchy face). If you want to get your workout in, you need to minimize your engagement with people. Talk after your session!

At the end of it, give yourself some credit and clap for yourself. You are in the gym doing good for yourself. Keep up the great work and strive to help others do the same!

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