Thursday, January 19, 2017


Success is earned not given. How often to do find yourself asking, "why not me?" Well I want to tell you it CAN be you!! What are you waiting for? What are you scared of? Well let me say that if you want to be successful you need to get out there and go for it ! Below are some tips to help you be a successful person!!
-Make a list.Being an excellent multitasker is a must in this day and age. Between all of the various technologies and people that have instant access to you throughout the day, it’s important to maintain some sort of order in your work life. How do you expect yourself to know where or what you need to do next if you don't have a good plan? My biggest tip is to keep 2 forms of organization that are easy to see. First one on your phone for the important appointments you are obligated to be there for. The second is a daily/weekly planner that you can write down ideas or vague schedules for the week!
-In life we all need to share bad news at some point. My suggestion to you is this, first give a compliment of something they did well, then provide constructive criticism after. Try not to come off attacking but with direct comments on what needs to be better or fixed in the future.
-Don't be an A**. Yes and I am frank enough to say that you need to be nice to other people. Your manners matter. I don't care if they are rude to you, that should not change your reaction to them. Be kind with everyone. Be respectful. Most of all don't allow emotions to take over a situation.
-Exercise the two P's. Be prompt and proactive. These are two habits that will always serve you well in the workplace. If you are on time you are late. Make sure you are showing up at least 10 minutes before work. Also, choose to go over and beyond. Yes, you might feel overwhelmed but these actions are not ignored!
-Let your emotions cool before you speak. How many times were you in the heat of a conversation and said something that you normally wouldn't? I know that i have been there. Allow yourself to remain quiet and then talk once you have all the information you need. So when you feel like you need to have the last word, make a habit of holding your tongue! Over time you learn to relish how good it feels to be the bigger person and people will come to respect you for that level of self control.
-If you are having a hard day or even if you need to just refresh and recharge, go outside. Take a walk and allow your mind to just think about what is going on. It’s amazing what fresh air and a little sunshine can do! And between you and me, I always come up with my best ideas during my little midday walks.
Use these tips to help be a better leader and own your life!

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