Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Train your weaknesses!

It's time to man up and start training the things you don't like to train. Why ? If you stay in a position where you are not training your weak spots, your foundation will have major holes in it's training. Ask yourself a question: When you train, do you train to be weak? Of course not !
Weaknesses come in 2 different areas:
1.) weakness in movements
2.) weakness in aesthetics
I have a lot of people who train things they like, or "cherry pick" the workouts. Far too often, the days that you don't want to train the thing you are not good at are the days that you need to show up. The hardest step for most is admitting they are not good that that particular movement or they are lagging in a body part. Do you feel that you can't identify what you need help with? Ask a professional trainer to take you through a workout and they can identify the weak spots in your training.
It's way more common than you thing that the average gym goer has the same lagging body parts. Here are a few of the common ones I see as a coach/trainer.
-Hamstrings. This is one of the biggest areas of concern as a trainer when I am working with clients. Your hamstrings are your biggest muscle group of your posterior chain that you use when you walk, sit , squat , deadlift and move.
-Triceps. The back side of your arms are commonly neglected. The triceps have a huge role in every pressing movement. Without strong triceps, other key pressing exercises will never reach their full potential.
-Back. The weakest spots I see on people are the backs of their body. Many gym-goers focus on pressing think the bench press and then forget they need to add in pulling exercises into their routine. Think of it as a strength balancing act.
-Glutes. #dabooty :) Why would you neglect to train the largest muscle in your body? The glutes play a key role in hip hinge movements, as well as stability and strength for almost every exercise. Train your glutes with big compound movements then add in isolation exercises to finish them off.
Even if your purpose is more on the aesthetic side of things, you will also benefit functionally and increase the performance of certain exercises by training your weak areas. Getting strong where you were weak will improve big, compound moves like the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Need help with a program that can help you reach your fullest potential? Contact me today and I will get you set up with my online coaching.

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