Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tell me, what are you struggling with ?

What is the hardest part of sticking to your nutritional goals? Is it convenience, choices, or just lack of knowing what to do? Each of those answers is what I most commonly hear when i am working with clients on their nutrition. If you can really harness your nutrition, you can overcome anything placed in your path. Your body was made to perform activities for a lifetime. With the rise of diabetes and obesity, now is the time for you to become concerned about your own well-being, and that starts with food.
Food convenience is the number one reason behind many health issues today. Why? Many "faster" food options are loaded with fat, sugar and a lot of processed ingredients. All of that adds to extra calories you consume daily which then converts into fat if eaten in excess. Obesity is the precursor to a wide range of health problems like diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. So how can we put a stop to this ? Below are a few ideas to help you along the way !
When you eat, enjoy what you are eating. No, really, enjoy it! A lot of times we eat rushed and not even at a table. Eating needs your attention too. Many people eat mindlessly in front of the TV and wonder why they are still hungry. If you take the time to enjoy and savor your food, you will taste your food and feel the hunger sensation disappear because you are allowing yourself to relax.
Log your food. It might sound tedious and that is because it is. You need to know what you are consuming. How can you fix your nutrition if you don't know what you are eating? Logging your food helps with seeing patterns in your eating that you can fix. Maybe you are stressed when you come home and you crave sweets. Or maybe your bored at night and mindless munchies happen. Logging all of this is incredible information to change behaviors.
Emotional eating is quite common. If you know you are an emotional eater, the first step is to understand the signs when you feel this way. Did you have a long day? What are your emotions? Sad, anger, happy, etc. Can you identify what is really bothering you. Food will comfort your in the moment but then regret will set in.Learn how to cope with your feelings without using food. Exercise is the best medicine!
Are you eliminating food groups and things you actually enjoy? It's so hard to keep on track if you are depriving yourself of the things you enjoy. If you tell yourself something is off limits, chances are that you will crave that food even more. Will power will get you so far before you need to give in to eliminate that craving. Why would you want to do that to yourself?A healthier option is to eat everything you love but to control portion sizes. This discipline will help you enjoy a little bit of indulgence while helping you achieve your calorie goals.
And most of all make sure you are getting quality sleep. Sleep is needed to repair your body, mind and rejuvenate your well being. Creating a calm and serene atmosphere in the bedroom, avoiding afternoon naps,and keeping caffine at a minium in the afternoon can all help you wind down. Your body requires eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Sleeping well is vital for staying healthy.

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