Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Motivation on FLEEK !

Motivation on FLEEK! You set your goals, started off strong but then motivation leaks dry. What do you do when your motivation needs a little wake up call? Believe it or not, your willpower can only get you so far on days that motivation is lacking. The best of us also hit lows in training motivation but there are many ways to overcome this set back!
Your habit impacts your mindset. You need to create a system that cues you to start a routine then you reward yourself for that behavior.. like new shoes :)
This reminder, routine and reward happens in all aspects of your life.
#1 You set your alarm for 4am to train. You get up, workout and feel amazing all day long. Your reward is accomplishing your goals and staying on task.
#2 It was a long day, you have nothing cooked or prepared to eat so you order take out. That wasn't satisfying so instead of working out, you sit on the couch, watch TV and eat ice cream. Now you feel worse about the situation and defeated. In this case you created a negative loop of "why should I care". Breaking this habit is easier than you think.
The key to any motivational setback is creating a strategy then taking action for it. When you are mindful about your habits and behaviors, you can put effective strategies in place. It is important to be aware of your thoughts and actions when you are creating behaviors. I know personally, if I am not diligent in creating a positive behavior around my goals, things become habits that I need to break. For example, I love peanutbutter. I can eat it all day long if I had the option to :) Well I used to create this weird habit after dinner of going to the cabinet and mindless eating it. Well once I realized that I was doing this, I just deferred my actions and the behavior was changed.
Habits come out of no where but they also form due to your lifestyle and stress.Ask yourself the following questions:
-Do you have a behavior you need to change?
-Do you have stress from life that you need to resolve?
-Is your balance of work, life, and exercise in check?
-IF you are training, do your goals match your current routine?
-Are you taking time for yourself and to recover?
-Do you experience and negative self talk?
-Do you know your WHY?
Your motivation and willpower can and will change over time. You will have amazing moments but you should expect down times too.Create a healthy pattern and assess your goals often to keep training and motivation on point!

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