Monday, January 9, 2017

It's Not Do or Die!

We are officially one week into our new year's resolutions. Let me ask you, how is it going? For some of you ( which I really hope its all of you you are sticking to your new goals and found great momentum to keep you pushing forward ! Maybe you know of some of your friends who are having a hard time with keeping their goals together, this information might be something to share to them.
The biggest thing I hear is this: I know I should be doing "XYZ" but... I'm not. Sound familiar? But I bet there is at least one thing that you know you should be doing yet you are not.Someone may even call you out on it, and you find yourself responding, “I know, I know.” But tell me, if you really know, why aren’t you doing it? It's a hard question to answer sometimes.
There is a huge gap between knowing and doing.But the first step is creating action and many people are not even getting close to that step. A lot of times, it's the fear of moving forward on something that we don't know what the outcome might be. And that is 100% ok as long as you know what your fears truly are. If you can't even identify what is holding you back, that is when it's a problem. Do you ever feel like you are just comfortable? Beliefs often shape our actions, or lack of action. If you don’t pause long enough to become aware of what is really holding you back, you now get stuck and it becomes hard to deal with them.
Think into your life about something that you question daily if you are good enough at it. For me, every training session is a test of knowledge. I do fear that my service as a trainer might come off too easy/hard. Both are not good for business. However, I go into the session with a plan and I make modifications as needed. I choose to embrace this fear rather than ignoring it. Fears get less scary when you look them in the face. And when you know what scares you, you can take steps to avoid sabotaging yourself!
The key to most success in anything you want to accomplish is goal setting.I talk about S.M.A.R.T. goals with my clients all the time. These are Specific, Measured, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. If you are willing to put in the effort to succeed, you should follow the SMART goals to get there. Choose your goal, have a time frame to accomplish it, make sure it's something you really want to accomplish in the right amount of time. You cannot control all the variables around you, but you can control what you do. That’s why it's important to pair your outcome goals with goals that are based on behaviors. While life may get messy around you and things outside of your control can create chaos, you still have control of your every day actions. That's empowering.
Get into a habit and create a routine. Habits tend to happen in a three-part loop:
A cue: This is a trigger to start the new behavior.
A routine:Doing the behavior over time consistently.
A reward: Choose something not food driven that you can enjoy!
Take some time to think on your own habits, bad and good. What cues do you have in place? What about rewards? How would you go about shaping a new habit or routine? Take control. When you can shape your cues and choose your rewards, the routine has a much better chance of sticking.
We all get stuck and lose motivation sometimes. It's easy to get comfortable and then slack off. When making hard decisions, your brain is wired to choose the easier route. Don't say I am going to do it, just get out there and get it done !

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